Audiolab 8000CD

Audiolab 8000CD

This 8000CD is not the same as the original 8000CD but a brand new £600 player with its feet firmly in the high end. We have a new display, a brand new purpose designed transport system for truely optimal single speed audio disc reading and one of the newest 24-bit/
192kHz digital-to-analogue conversion from Crystal Semiconductor.

Inside the case we have separate digital and analogue stages with separate power supplies for each to get the two box sound quality from a single machine. At the back we have phono & BNC digital ouputs plus the standard Toslink connectors which can be disabled to improve sound quality. Digital filtering is also provided offering slight subjective sound adjustment according to personal taste.

The old player carried an unfortunate tag of being a tad bright and harsh, this player on the otherhand is far more musical and subtle, something that will please listeners of choral and orchestral music, whist maintaining tonal neutrality across the board.

To sum up at under £600 this machine offers a lot of sound quality for the money, and will no doubt find itself at the top of many people’s christmas list.

Welcome back Audiolab !

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