Cambridge Audio DAC Magic

Cambridge Audio DAC Magic
Cambridge Audio

Following yesterday’s post about bit perfect audio, I thought I would post details of one the best sub £200 external DAC available in the UK. The Cambridge Audio DAC Magic was launched last summer and immediately established itself as one of the very best DACs available sonically and also compatibility wise at its price point. Cambridge Audio have manufactured several external DACs in the past, but this one is possibly one of its best.
The Cambridge Audio DAC Magic has no less than three digital inputs that can either be optical or co-axial and a USB in connector as well and for output either unbalanced RCA phono sockets can be used or left and right balanced XLR connectors. Power to the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic is provided by an external regulated power supply.

The Cambridge Audio DAC Magic borrows much of its technology from the Azur 740/840 CD players and up-samples all inputs to a 24bit/192khz sample using a choice of three sophisticated filters which is licensed from a Swiss software company called Anagram Technologies. The result is a very neutral portrayal of sound which far exceeds its sub £200 price.

If you are interested in purchasing a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic, then they are available exclusively through Richer Sounds.

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