Goldring Elite Moving Coil Cartridge

Goldring Elite Moving Coil Cartridge


The Goldring Elite Moving Coil Cartridge has been around for a number of years but still continues to be just about the best cartridge available for under £250.

Anyone who is passionate about music and vinyl really are doing themselves an injustice not to sample the delights that a moving coil cartridge system has to offer. It so sad that so many people having only ever listened to budget moving magnet based turntables that do so much to skew the misconception that CD is far superior to vinyl. In fact it is fair to say that once you have listened to vinyl using a moving coil cartridge, you never go back to moving magnet.

Moving Coil cartridges, and the Goldring Elite is no exception just capture more of the music and detail that inferior moving magnet type fail to pick up. Mid range is more detailed and soulful, bass is more extended and defined and the treble somewhat sweeter and less harsh.

But for any "noobie" interested in taking the plunge, there are a couple of things to point out. Firstly the output of a moving coil cartridge is a lot lower than moving magnet, therefore a phono pre-amp with a higher gain circuit is required. Most properly designed phono pre-amps tend to be switchable between the two, where as most budget amps in the 80's tended just to cater for the moving magnet variety. Some moving coil cartridges can actually be used with a moving magnet pre-amp section, but they tend to be few and far between.

Some people may consider the Goldring Elite moving coil cartridge at £220 to be a tad over the top, where others would consider it very much a budget option. The truth is that this cartridge gives a wonderful introduction to anyone who is keen to explore their record collection and just get a little more out of their vinyl.

For the last 15 years, I have used no other cartridge in my system and can see no reason why to change (I have successfully partnered the cartridge with the Rega RB300). If you have a good quality turntable and arm and a quality moving coil phono section, this cartridge will really let the music out.

If the Goldring Elite and moving cliol, is not for you, then I would recommend the Goldring 1042 moving magnet cartridge which although not as good as the Goldring Elite is half the price.

Both are available from your local Goldring Stockists

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Hi fi outlaw Says:
May 31st, 2014 at 4:37 AM

I've just upgraded my RP3 for a RP6, i've kept my Goldring 1012gx but was thinking in Elite MC.
My phono stage is a Clearaudio Basic Plus, witch has no gain controls but as the Elite has a hight vm i think it will be a perfect match.

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