Idapt Universal Charger

Idapt Universal Charger

If like me, you have several USB cables on your desktop to charge a mobile phone, wireless headphones and mp3 player, then the new range of Idapt Universal Chargers could be exactly what you are looking for.

Available as either a two port dock (I2) priced around £25 or a three port dock (I3) priced £35, the Idapt Universal Chargers allow you to interchange the connectors so that a range of USB and other "tips" such as one to re-charge AA/AAA batteries, and ones for the most popular mobile phones can be used to recharge just about anything all on one tidy desktop docking system.

The other main selling point about the Idapt Universal Charger system is that unlike other universal chargers that are wireless and rely on induction which require a separate sleeve for the charging device, the Idapt just requires the correct charging tip which are much cheaper to purchase and look far neater as shown in the photos below.

The Idapt Universal Chargers are available to buy through retailers like Amazon supplied with six standard tips to fit Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, miniUSB, microUSB and iPod/iPhone or if you prefer you can order direct from the Idapt website, with the option of customizing which tips you would like as well the choice of three colours (black, silver and pink).

For more information please visit the Idapt website


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