Ixos XHP280 Powerblock

Ixos XHP280 Powerblock

Mains supply is probably one of the most overlooked parts of any audio system and yet at the same time, one of the most important. Without a smooth power supply, no electrical component is going to perform to its optimum level no matter how much it costs. I cringe when I visit friends' houses and see all their lovely exotic audio and home cinema equipment plugged into a cheap unbranded four way block. The fact is that cheap four and six way blocks should be avoided at all costs if you care about your equipment and want them to sound as good as possible.

Fortunately help is at hand in the form of the Ixos XHP280 Powerblock, an eight way mains connector (with colour coded sockets) featuring sophisticated power surge technology that not only protects your audio equipment, but also your phone line, television aerial and satellite feeds. Priced at £69.99, the Ixos XHP280 Powerblock features IXOSAFE.T™ Level 1 Circuitry and Tru-Power Current Filtration as well as RFI and EMI filtering which lowers the noise floor by 70db in the 100Khz top 10mHz frequency range, keeping audio video components free from mains interference. Also unlike cheaper surge protected mains blocks which will only protect equipment once should they get struck, the Ixos XHP280 Powerblock can be reset to ensure it is still protecting equipment. This is a very important factor because most people with these cheaper surge protected blocks have no way of actually knowing if the surge protection is actually still working.

You may think such filtering is overkill, but the truth is that UK mains supply is not ideal for audio and the voltage entering most homes regularly fluctuates below and above the 220-240 volts that it should be, not to mention the occurrence of mains spikes caused by lightning which can kill audio equipment in a flash (excuse the pun). Purchasers of the Ixos XHP280 Powerblock can sleep safely at night knowing their valuable equipment is protected by a 3528 Joules capacity rated circuit that will also shut down each socket should the voltage reach 330 volts.

The Ixos XHP280 Powerblock comes complete with a two metre mains cable, is available now and is highly recommended.

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