JBL Control One Speakers

JBL Control One Speakers

If you are looking for a high quality wall mountable bookshelf speaker at a knock down price, then the JBL Control One Speakers may be just what you are looking for. Available from Richer Sounds at a ludicrous £49.99 (half price) these tiny speakers are perfect for home cinema installations where they can discretely hide in room corners.

I had been looking for a replacement pair of rear home cinema speakers as I had recently moved house and the existing budget Eltax bookshelf speakers were slightly too big and deep for wall mounting, not to mention the fact that they were rear ported so an upgrade was required. A quick browse on Richer Sound's website gave me a shortlist of three, but the JBL Control One Speakers won the day thanks to their price, reviews, front bass reflex port and the fact they were already supplied with unobtrusive mounting brackets.

The JBL Control One Speakers were purchased from the York branch of Richer Sounds who I have to say offered first rate customer service by not only reserving a pair of the speakers over the telephone, but reimbursing me £2 for car parking when picking them up and then threw in a free pair of Sennhesier headphones as well.

The first thing you notice about the JBL Control One Speakers when you unpack them from their orange box is how heavy they feel for such a small loudspeaker and they impress immediately with their build quality. I am sure the magnetic screening plays a big part in the overall weight but none the less at £49.99, the JBL Control One Speakers are an absolute steal.

The instructions that were supplied with the JBL Control One Speakers were easy to understand and it was not difficult to work out how the ball joint mounting bracket fitted together. There are no fixings supplied with the JBL Control One Speakers, but that is quite a good thing as it is important given their weight that they drilled securely to any wall, so only use the best fixings you can find.

Once the JBL Control One Speakers had been fixed to the wall, they were connected to a modified Cambridge Audio A1 amplifier which had had its pre-amp section bypassed so it ran purely as a power amp for purity of sound fed from a media pc with some good quality 2.5mm stranded oxygen free twisted speaker cable.

The new speakers were tested with the latest instalment of Indiana Jones, The Crystal Skull as this has an excellent Lucasfilm soundtrack. Straight away when listening at a moderate volume, the JBL Control One Speakers managed to make my girlfriend jump off the sofa as an aeroplane roared over us which I considered to be a good benchmark for quality of sound (sadly this new home cinema sound environment was wasted on my other half) but there was no doubt the JBL Control One Speakers had enhanced the listening experience and were worth every penny.

I watched the whole movie from start to finish and the JBL Control One Speakers continued to impress. Not only do the JBL Control One Speakers look good but as they only measure 230mm x 155mm x 140mm they hide so easily in any living room especially if wall mounted and pump out some wonderful sound.

To sum up, I cannot rate these speakers highly enough for home cinema purposes nor can I not rave about Richer Sounds enough either for selling these speakers at such a ridiculously low price, they are a bargain.

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