Linn Numerik DAC

Linn Numerik DAC

Linn Numerik DAC

Launched in the early nineties as the DAC partner to the Linn Karik CD transport, the Linn Numerik quickly established itself as a high end but extremely detailed and musical state of the art digital to analogue coverters. Not to be confused with the £25,000 professional DAC that Linn sold at the time to professional recording studios like Peter Gabriel who was one of the first people to install a professional Linn Numerik at his Real World Studios in Wiltshire. His 1992 solo album Real World from which the single "Digging in the Dirt" was taken was one of the very first studio albums to use the Linn Numerik in the recording process, which was quite radical as nearly all studios used Sony PCM systems for CD mastering at that time.

Those of you fortunate to have a 1992 copy Beethoven's Violin Concerto featuring Nigel Kennedy conducted by Klaus Tennstedt will also appreciate the subtle insight that the Linn Numerik DAC provides into the music as this totally live album takes full advantage to provide the listener with a wonderfully muscial and expressive performance, which the consumer Linn Numerik borrowed heavily from.

Originally retailing for around £5,500 with the Linn Karik when it was the first launched, the Linn Numerik immediately won critics over with its detail and sense of timing especially when partnered with the Linn Karik CD transport which with the addition of an extra phono lead allowed the clock timing to be synchronised which further enhanced the sound quality. Obviously the Linn Numerik worked perfectly ok without the Linn Karik, but when the two were used togetherit was really a marriage made in heaven.

Fortunately today the Linn Numerik can be picked up fairly cheaply on ebay making it a viable alternative to anything currently on the market for around £1000 but don't forget to buy the Linn Karik as well to get the best out of this high end converter!

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Fotios koulakos-chief mastering engineer Says:
December 18th, 2007 at 7:38 PM

I remember that in the early 90's.
Still great sound, even today...well acually, let me qualify there is so much out there, but with cost cutting...most converters are rather poor.
Coversely though, the good ones are SPECTACULAR!


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