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July 2nd, 2010

Dual Discs

Having now got the taste for high definition 24 bit/96khz digital audio, I was keen to explore what other content is available other than downloads. DualDisc is crudly speaking a CD and DVD glued together to give two formats on one disc. DualDisc first started appearing about five to six years ago but never really caught the market, one of the main stumbling blocks being that not all CD/DVD drives (especially slot loading types) could read the discs as the thickness of the combined disc caused all sorts of problems with some hardware.

However what is not always well documented is that the video side of the DualDisc normally contained a high quality 24/96 PCM soundtrack. There is unfortunately one caveat that confused many people and me alike. Back in 2005, I purchased a DualDisc copy of Duran Duran's Astronaut (the first comeback album with the original line-up). Because this DualDisc was released through Epic/Sony, the DVD only has "enhanced audio", which means the PCM audio track is recorded at 16/48 with an additional 'lossy' Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. The reason for this is the Sony went out of their way to ensure the DualDisc format did not offer a similar sound quality to their propietry SACD format. The general consensus amongst audiophiles is that SACD and 24/96 PCM offer a very similar sound quality. This is a crying shame for the format and means that anyone looking to purchase these discs as a means to accquiring high quality audio really need to do their research properly and be sure what is on the disc. [...]

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High Definition Audio

June 1st, 2010

HD Tracks

High Definition Audio

Having successfully set up a very high quality bit perfect PC -> DAC system that is capable of 24/96 playback thanks to the Quad 99CDP2's digital input and the onboard Realtek's digital output, it was only a matter of time before I took the plunge into 24bit audio primarily out of curiousity as to whether there was any significant improvement over standard 16/44.1 CD playback. [...]

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Beresford TC-7520 DAC

January 16th, 2010

Beresford TC-7520 DAC
Beresford Audio

Regular visitors to this site will know how much of a fan of high quality computer based audio we are and in particular pc audio devices that offer true bit perfect audio performance.

The Beresford TC-7520 DAC is a high quality and highly rated DAC that is perfectly suited to PC digital audio applications because of the inclusion of a USB digital input as well as one other toslink input and two co-ax digital inputs. You only have to do a bit a of research in the various online audio forums to see how many people rave about the Beresford's TC-7520 DAC's performance, to realise the company are on a winner with this particular digital to analogue converter. [...]

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Idapt Universal Charger

January 1st, 2010

Idapt Universal Charger

If like me, you have several USB cables on your desktop to charge a mobile phone, wireless headphones and mp3 player, then the new range of Idapt Universal Chargers could be exactly what you are looking for.

Available as either a two port dock (I2) priced around £25 or a three port dock (I3) priced £35, the Idapt Universal Chargers allow you to interchange the connectors so that a range of USB and other "tips" such as one to re-charge AA/AAA batteries, and ones for the most popular mobile phones can be used to recharge just about anything all on one tidy desktop docking system. [...]

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Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Headset

December 6th, 2009

Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Headset

Following the success of the Sennheiser MM200 Bluetooth Headset, Sennhesier have produced a similar product more aimed at the Sports and Leisure markert. Building on the same Bluetooth V2.0 A2DP technology which allows easy connection to mobile phones, laptops and some of the more recent MP3 players, the Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Headset offers excellent Hi-fi sound reproduction with a wide dynamic range and a detailed and natural soundstage.

Having used the Sennheiser MM200 Bluetooth Headphones for the last fourteen months or so, I can vouch how well they sound and how easy they are to pair up to a mobile device and are ideal for listening to audio on public transport. They also have excellent battery life and are easily recharged via USB. [...]

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