Philex 2867R DVB Signal Strength Meter

Philex 2867R DVB Signal Strength Meter

If like me, you are a big believer in installing television and satellite dishes yourself to ensure correct mounting and use of the highest quality cable etc, then the Philex 2867R DVB signal meter is a very cost effective and handy tool to have.

The Philex 2867R DVB signal meter is powered by a single 9V battery and is simple to use, you just connect the aerial cable to the meter and it will display a signal reading. It has a red power led and four green leds that light up depending on signal strength. The signal strength of the Philex 2867R is measured from 50 dB/uV to 80 dB/uV. A properly installed aerial (even if its mounted in the loft should be able attain at least 60 db/uV assuming you are in a strong to medium reception area and this is where this tools comes in so handy because not only can you rotate the aerial so as to gauge where to point the aerial for the strongest signal but you can compare signal readings at the point nearest the aerial and at the TV connection end, and then diagnose if you have a wiring problem.

Modern day ordinary co-ax cable (the brown stuff) is cheap and nasty as it is not foil shielded and the air insulated centre core is prone to water damage. It is also not really suitable for Digital TV reception either so if you are contemplating having a new aerial installed, then always ensure the cable used is foam insulated RG6 or for the ultimate performance WF100 which is also foam insulated.

Philex 2867R DVB Signal Strength Meter is an essential tool for DIY aerial installation, very reasonably priced and available from several retailers such as Argos (Cat #048/3074) priced £14.69.

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