Quad 909 Amplifier

Quad 909 Amp

The Quad 909 is the current flagship transistor based power amplifier from Quad and uses the same current dumping technology as the Quad 405 and the subsequent 606 and 707 that has been at the forefront of Quad power amplifiers for nearly thirty years.

Regular visitors to this site will know we are massive fans of Quad's products and also the fantastic work Net Audio have done to resurrect the popularity of older amps such as the Quad 405 through the introduction of new amplifier boards and power supplies that ensure they sound as good if not better as their modern counterpart, the Quad 909.

The Quad 909 power amplifier features a similar design topology to the Quad 405, a central mains transformer, power supply and two separate amplifier boards (one for each channel). Like all current dumping amplifiers, the Quad 909 is highly rated due to its excellent bass response and overall neutrality. What Hi-Fi Magazine made the point in one of their reviews, that the Quad 909 "keeps what’s going out as close as possible to what’s coming in" and anyone who has listened to one of Quad's current dumping amplifiers would have to agree with this comment and i am sure the lack of a need for bias adjustment in a current dumping amplifier is the main reason for this.

The Quad 909 power amplifier is capable of outputting 100 watts per channel into eight ohms and is very compact measuring only 320x140x240 mm in width, but do not let these small dimensions put you off as the Quad 909 packs a mighty punch.

The Quad 909 retails for just under £900 and even though it is a few years old now, is still one of the best sounding amplifiers for under £1000.

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Milos Says:
October 12th, 2009 at 12:50 AM

Actually Quad 909 power output is 140W/ch @ 8ohm, not 100W per channel as your article suggests. 405-2 are 100W/ch, 606/707/909 are all 140W/ch designs, same topology as 405 or 306 just more powerful output tranies

Gerald Says:
July 16th, 2011 at 9:12 AM

What amp sounds better than the Quad 909 in your opinion. Thanks.


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