Rebecca Ferguson Nothing's Real But Love (Acoustic Version)

Released at the start of last week, Rebecca Ferguson's debut single Nothing's Real But Love has made the top 10 and with an album to follow on December 5th, things look promising for the 25 year old from Liverpool.

The album, Heaven has already received a very positive response from the critics with the Daily Telegraph's Neil McKormick giving it five stars which from a serious Music journalist means that this isn't the usual X-Factor dross to ooze out of Syco Records aimed purely at the under twenty fives. Indeed it is extremely refreshing that the show has managed to produce someone who for one can actually sing and secondly hopefully has a geniune future in the business and can appeal to a wider audience. Cynical people may just see this as a way of Cowell tapping into the market that Adele has managed to secure for herself with her first two albums, but the reason she has been so successful is because she has real talent and that shines through on both her albums to date. All the X-Factor has managed to do is find someone who should do the same.

Having listened to the single, I have to say it is a great debut single but if you want to get even more warmth and emotion from the song, then personally I think the acoustic version linked above is the best of all the versions floating around on You Tube at the moment and I will definitely be giving the album a spin when it is released next week.

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