Sennheiser HD-800 Heaphones


The much awaited and anticipated Sennheiser HD-800 headphones have been released in time for this year's CES on show at booth 21240 in the South Hall and have been dubbed the "World's Best Heaphone", which is some claim. The well respected website have already auditioned a pair and stated that they are one of the best headphones they have heard of any type which means that these new Sennheiser phones a re a bit special and clearly set new standards in headphone technology.

The reason that the Sennheiser HD-800 headphones have been getting all this attention is mainly down to the design of the drive units which allow these phones to raise the ball park in terms of sound reproduction through the use of a newly patented design known as a "Ring" Driver. Sennheiser's Ring Driver transducer differs from the normal cone and round shaped diaphragms in that the vibrating area that produces the sound is in fact ring shaped and this ring is able to produce an extremely natural and detailed sound by design which produces far less distortion compared to normal diaphragm designs. Couple a 56mm ring driver with state of the art aerograde plastics and silver-plated, low-oxygen copper cables and you have a design that can produce the most amazing sound all the way across the audio frequency spectrum with only 0.02% total harmonic distortion.

However as you would expect all this new technology does not come cheap, and a pair of these new falg ship HD-800 headphones will set you back a cool £1000, but make no mistake you are buying into a pair of the best headphones money can buy. What will be interesting now is whether some company will licence this Ring technology from Sennheiser and be able to design a normal loudspeaker based on
this technology that will not require any crossover and if so how, will it sound any better than the current crop of loudspeakers. Either way Sennheiser should congratulated for such a technical achievement.

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