Sennheiser MM 200 Music and Talk Headset


The Sennheiser MM200 headset is a very high quality wireless bluetooth heaphones and microphone that can be used with portable devices such as mp3 players and mobile phones. They are an ideal partner (with a suitable adaptor) to phones like the HTC Diamond which we reported on yesterday.

Not only do the Sennheiser MM200 allow you to use your mobile phone "hands free", but also to enjoy music as it was intended to be enjoyed. Sennheiser has always had an excellent reputation for the quality of its headphones in both the professional recording industry and the home audio sector and it is this quality that the design of the Sennheiser MM200 is built on.

The Sennheiser MM200 headset as with all Sennheiser headphones is extremely comfortable and comes supplied with three different sizes of earphone sleeves made out of silicone which ensure they fit snuggly in the user's ears. The headphones are also extremely light and all the controls are located on a small unit that can be worn as a lanyard or just clipped to the user's clothes. The control unit also allows the user to answer, end, reject and mute phone calls as well as control volume.

If that wasn't enough to tempt you, the Sennheiser MM200 headset also has a very useful feature where by it can connect to two sources at the same time such as mp3 player and phone. In this way the user can toggle between the two and answer incoming calls whilst listening to the other source instantly. Charging of the MM200 headset can be done via USB, mains or car cigarette lighter and the system is fully compatible with Bluetooth 2.0.

The Sennheiser MM200 headset is available now and costs just £99.99 in the UK.

Sennheiser MM200 Review

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