TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead

TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead

Here at Hi-Fi, we are big believers in squeezing the very best performance out of any piece of audio/visual equipment and sadly too many of us ignore areas such as mains cables preferring to use the supplied one which nine times out of ten will be of a very poor quality which combined with quality of the UK mains supply makes no sense.The TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead is a very high quality, all British made audiophile cable, that is not only suitable for CD/DVD players and pre-amps but can also supply enough current to satisfy the most hungry of power amplifiers. The TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead may not be cheap with prices starting at £250, but at a time when the UK pound is performing so dismally against other currencies, this makes an all UK made cable like the TCI King Constrictor II very competitively priced against foreign imports especially when you consider its specification.

The TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead features a Rhodium plated thirteen amp UK plug at one end and a Rhodium plated IEC-Wattgate pluf at the other, split braid twin earth cable design and 16 PTFE insulated silver plater copper conductors, voltage spike and transient protection and an overall design that gives the TCI King Constrictor II a maximum load of 60 amps at 500V RMS. The speciailist TCI Rhodium plating is preferred to silver plating on the connectors due to lower contact resistance, less maintenance (cleaning) and its ability to provide a smooth and dynamic sound stage.

The braided construction of the TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead offers excellent RF/EMI rejection/filtering which is then housed in a halogen free polyefin insulation which is then wrapped in a very strong red and black nylon braid. Another note about the TCI King Constrictor II Mains Lead is that it is also flame retardant and is available in three lengths, one metre (£250), one and half metres (£300) and two and a half metres (£350).

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