Thorens TD-2030 Turntable

Thorens TD-2030 Turntable


Thorens is probably one of the oldest names in Hi-Fi, the company's history stretches as far back as 1883, and 20 years later saw them produce their first phonograph which was an Edison type.

It is therefore fitting that a company steeped in history like the Swiss based Thorens, a company that epitmises the best of Swiss engineering skills should still be manufacturing turntables in the twenty first century and there can be no better example of this than one of their flagship high end offerings, the Thorens TD-2030 turntable which is a marriage of precision engineering and state of the art materials.

Bettered sonically only by the Thorens TD-350, The Thorens TD-2030 turntable is an over engineered combination of acrylic and aluminium finished a lovely illuminated blue that will please both sonically and aesthetically. The plinth is made by combining two solid slabs of acyrlic which together provide a very heavy resonant free 30mm base which glows blue from above, yet looks clear from the sides - very neat and cool and sure to impress your friends ! It really is quite incredible what can be achieved when solid design and engineering principles and matched with great looks and the Thorens TD-2030 turntable does not disappoint.

Above the Thorens TD-2030 turntable's lavish blue plinth, an incredibly solid aluminium platter weighing in at more than 6kgs floats on a superb precision engineered silent-run bearing. The platter of the Thorens TD-2030 turntable is of course belt driven and an AC synchronous motor provides the necessary drive. Reasurringly and to improve performance the power for the Thorens TD-2030 turntable's AC synchronous motor is fully regulated for optimum speed stability at either 33 or 45 rpm. As a result of all this state of the art engineering, the Thorens TD-2030 turntables has incredibly low rumble and wow and flutter so much so that Thorens don't even bother making the figures known - a great marketing ploy if nothing else !

The Thorens TD-2030 Turntable is available with either a Thorens TP-300 (essentially a Rega RB300 arm) or a choice of SME tone arm. The entry level Thorens TD-2030 Turntable comes with a Thorens TP-300 tone arm and retails state side for $3299.00, which is a considerable outlay for a turntable but what you do get with the Thorens TD-2030 Turntable is a sound to back up its stunning looks.

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